There are no coincidences

The roots of our story throw us into an old port town called Gemlik. Gemlik is geographically located 70km south of Istanbul and is famous for its generous olive farming. "The paradise of delicious olives", they say in Turkey. The founder's grandmother, Suna (77 years old), once lived there.

The key to longevity

Olive oil has always been an integral part of Grandma Suna's life. Even as a child, she was initiated by her grandparents into the secret language of nature. She understood early on that everything that man needs is simply already given in nature. So she also passed on the secret to us.

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You are what you eat

The secret to Grandma's daily vitality and positive energy simply shines within. As someone who grew up with the language of olives, it became clear early on that virgin olive oil is truly the elixir of health. The liquid gold has been with you since childhood.

Innovation through tradition

2018 was the start. For the first time we visited the family business. As soon as we arrived at the Gulf of Edremit, we felt this sense of freedom and bliss. Flora and fauna everywhere, a great and vital climate, no industry, smiling people. We got to know a very cultural, socially liberal and very historical old town.

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In the groves

We were taken to the family's olive groves. The natural atmosphere, the incredibly light sea breeze in the air, all the green olive trees - we were simply overwhelmed by this great place. On 82 hectares of agriculture spread almost 25,000 olive trees, which were on average 300 years old.

The recipe of nature

A quality secret was based on 4 core indicators:

the mineral-rich soils
a unique microclimate
pesticide-free cultivation
the seasonal hand harvest

These 4 factors were met on an ecological basis, combining the expertise of the family business.

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The liquid gold of the Aegean coast

The vehicle to realize our vision was found and signed. Since 2019, we have been enriching the health of many happy customers with Ölich. In the November months, we travel to the Gulf of Edremit and then safely transport our liquid gold to Münsterland.

Excited about the future

We continue to work to improve our natural products and make them more carbon neutral in development. We want to inspire this world with more love and health. The aspect of sustainability in the development, as well as in our decisions takes a primary role every time.

The hope on our part?
To inspire more and more people with our products and to become aware that health is simply our most precious asset. A gift that we should truly guard and care for every day.

Wealth is a lot,
Health is everything.

The Ölich team