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Great olive oil with Ölich - Our core competence since 1785

Give yourself and your loved ones the greatest gift - more health.

What makes Ölich special?

Compared to conventional olive oils:

Here is really what it says.

With the Oily olive oil you can enjoy a true gift of nature. Our oil is free from any refinery procedure and blended lampan oils.

Less CO2

We dispense with unnecessary intermediate transports in the European Union and deliver by direct transport from the Aegean coast to the Münsterland. So we keep our C02 footprint much smaller. Our packaging materials are ecologically sourced and recyclable.

Invest in the most valuable asset in the world: your health!

With every bottle of oily you improve your health in the long term and do something good for the environment. Our olive oil is free of MOSH and MOAH mineral oil residues and is absolutely vegan. We pack with a lot of love and ecological background and deliver more health to your home throughout Germany - free shipping.

Discover perhaps the healthiest type of tea in the world.

Research has shown that the antioxidants of olive leaves, especially the high percentage of oleuropein, have extremely health benefits. Among them: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and sleep disorders.

Our Aegean Sea Salt

It contains all its minerals and trace elements, which is a real added value for you - because real Fleur de sel is one of the healthiest sea salt in the world.

In 1785 - On the Gulf of Edremit

There are things that start big and there are things that start small, tiny little.
It is often the smallest things that make the biggest changes.


  • Olive oil without bycatch

    Our seasonal hand harvest takes place during the day in our family olive groves. Millions of songbirds do not lose their lives in the process.

    Harvest good, all is well.

    We harvest our Memecik olives every year in November.
    This is exactly when the ideal fruiting stage is reached.

  • Competence since 1785 - Our know-how decides.

    For the extraction of our masterpiece, the Memecik olives are washed after harvest, cold pressed at 22°C and then rested for a few days in large stainless steel tanks.

    Tradition instead of industry. Low acidity.

    A true quality secret is also based on time:
    Our pressings take place in the daily season in less than 480 minutes - and not 48 hours.

  • Our Promise

    After bottling, our products migrate directly to Münsterland. By avoiding unnecessary transport through the EU, we keep our CO2 footprint small and do something good for the environment.

    Vital substances for the soul
    We promise high-quality products of the highest quality class.