Olivenöl und Thymian 🌿 - Ölich

Ölich Olive Oil and Thyme

Apart from its taste, it is an excellent natural remedy for respiratory protection. How to prepare it:


1 bouquet of fresh thyme

1 Cup Ölich olive oil (200g)


  • 1
    First wash and dry the fresh thyme leaves. When they have lost their moisture, you crush them in a mortar until they form a paste.
  • 2
    Then put the crushed herb in a glass bowl and drizzle with olive oil. Close the container and keep it in a cool dark position for two to three weeks.
  • 3
    At this time, ventilate the container lid every 2 days and stir the ingredients lightly with a wooden spoon. Once it has been completely homogenized, strain it and start using it.
  • 4
    Take half a teaspoon of the new thyme oil on your empty stomach. Dilute it for flavor with a glass of water or fruit juice if it is too firm.

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