Secrets of healthy olive oil

Ein real olive oil is very difficult to find nowadays due to industrial harvesting and is one of the healthiest types of oil in the world. The oil is known to stimulate the immune system and protect against serious and chronic diseases due to its antioxidant properties.

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Olive oil and its unique effect

Studies have proven that the components of real olive oil (especially oleuropein) has very health benefits, including for blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and many more.

The renunciation of pesticides

In the groves there is a lemony scent in the air. In August at the latest, the olive fruits grow.

Industrial groups have their olive groves enriched with harmful nitrogen fertilizer in order to obtain larger quantities of olives, which is an indicator that the olive oils obtained taste absolutely bitter and are not edible.

In order to protect the environment and to work sustainably, our family business has been doing without chemical fertilizers since the year of its foundation in 1785.

Pruning and harvesting

Olive trees can indeed live for several hundred years, the oldest known tree is even estimated to be over 4000 years old.
As independently as these trees grow and thrive, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one thing, the tree must be pruned. Not only to be better prepared before the frost, but also because of the quality of the fruit and the resulting olive oil.


Harvest time between October and January

Industrial enterprises press their oils from the fallen olives, here one speaks then of cheap Lampantöl, which is declared by the industry nevertheless as "extra Nativ". These "olive oils" have an unpleasant taste and simply no true aroma. Often these must even be refined to be suitable for human consumption or are simply mixed with flavors such as garlic and the consumer will never notice anything.

The single picking of the perfectly ripened green olive is crucial for a high quality and healthy olive oil.
The harvested olives must be processed as quickly as possible, as injuries occur after picking and the oxidation process begins.

The longer the olive remains unprocessed, the poorer the quality of the oil will be.

The oil mill- From the olive to the oil

After the washing process of the olives, the olives are ground. Here, the first oil particles already dissolve. In the further process, a vertical decanter machine is used. One speaks of a cold pressing, if during the kneading the temperature does not rise over 27 degrees Celsius.

Quality pays off

When buying olive oil, the main focus should be on quality. That is, the origin plays a big role. If the olives come from a region in which very high-quality olive oil is also produced and the olive tree has a high proportion of oleuropein. Because the higher the oleuropein content in the tree, the higher it is also in the olives and this has a positive influence on our health.

If you want to buy a high quality olive oil, then we recommend the Ölich olive oil. Grown on the coast of the Aegean Sea, one of the best regions in the world for olive cultivation. We guarantee the best quality and a high percentage of vitamins in our olive oil. Quality does not start with the price, but with the production of the products and we are absolutely proud to make the world a little healthier together with our family business.

Discover our core competence - since 1785.

All the health benefits of olive oil at a glance

  • Reduces cardiovascular risk
  • Helps with type 2 diabetes
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Prevents cancer


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