The Ölich Kitchen Set

The Ölich Kitchen Set

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Directly from our olive farm - since 1785
Free of refinery and mixed oils
Sustainable packaging materials
Daily harvested & protected from singing birds
Great & mild aroma
Best microclimate
Directly from our olive farm - since 1785
Free of refinery and mixed oils
Sustainable packaging materials
Daily harvested & protected from singing birds
Great & mild aroma
Best microclimate

🌱 100% NATURAL - The Ölich Olive oil comes without flavor enhancers, without flavors or other additives, it is a varietal extra Virgin olive oil obtained from the nominated Memecik olives. Light & Mild - Intensely fruity.

🧙‍♂️ TRADITION️ & INNOVATION - Since 1785, our family competence has been based on the extraction of natural olive oils. The design of our bottle not only looks excellent, but also protects the precious olive oil from sunlight.

👑 UNIQUELY GOOD - Our olive oil comes from Edremit. The Bay of Edremit is located on the Aegean coast and traditionally has one of the best microclimatic conditions for our fruity & nominated Memecik olives.

💪 HAND HARVESTING INSTEAD OF INDUSTRIAL - We attach great importance to the traditional hand harvesting of our olives, which ensures high quality and prevents the death of many endangered bird species that die during industrial harvesting.

👩 🍳 A MUST HAVE - The Ölich olive oil is a real all-rounder and should not be missing in any kitchen. It is ideal for cold & hot food preparation. Due to its high quality, it is also ideal for frying.

Our first-class olive oil, due to its special production, is as rich in health-promoting substances as few oils are. It is harvested by hand within 8 hours on the same day and processed into olive oil by cold pressing. This process, which has been carried out with a master hand since 1785, ensures a high vitamin content and a unique fresh experience with our olive oil.

The elaborate processing and the nominated Memecik olives make our olive oil shine. For every lover of Mediterranean food or cook enthusiastic, the oily olive oil is a must have on the kitchen shelf. The fruity mild taste of our oil is special and makes gourmet hearts beat faster.


Our family competence
since 1785

You receive

  • 3 x Bottles of Ölich Olive Oil
  • 3 x Bag-in Box
  • 3 x Canvas Bags
Our olive oil
  • High Quality
  • Optimally cookable up to 210 C temperatures
  • Unique aroma with a very mild taste
  • 100% natural
  • Free of refinery and flavor enhancers
  • Gives every dish a great taste
  • Rich in important antioxidants
  • Significantly improves the immune system
  • Low acidity
  • Free of MOSH/MUAH
  • Small CO2 footprint (thanks to direct transport)
The content
  • Obtained from pestizdfrei - and in-house olive trees
  • Exclusively 1. cold pressing from pure Memecik olives
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable and developed with love in Germany
Your enrichment
  • Yes healthy, exactly YOU!

    With every bottle of Ölich olive oil you do not only something good for the environment, but also for your health.
    For the deep black bottle we have deliberately chosen, because we thus protect the important vitamins and minerals of olive oil from UV rays and oxygen. The bag-in-box, in which our olive oill is supplied, not only serves as a great gift for the loved ones, but also protects the transport of the bottle and completely excludes the full oxidation.Thus, the freshness and aroma remains long-term.
    In order to keep our C02 footprint as small as possible, we dispense with unnöterm intermediate transports and deliver directly from the Aegean Cost to the Münsterland. With our plant-based and biodegradable packaging materials, we rely as much as possible on natural ingredients and try to make the transports as plastic-free as possible.


    A small gift from us to you.

  • The practical and qualitative carrying bag is a durable product made from the natural and renewable raw material: cotton. In addition to the high carrying capacity and quality, it is washable and reusable several times. It is also fully biodegradable and compostable.


    A small gift from us to you.

Application in the kitchen
  • You can store your Ölich bottle on your kitchen counter at room temperature. Our beautiful bottle adapts perfectly to every kitchen style.

    Always make sure not to leave the olive oil open and either with cork or our bottle pourer