Please stop harvesting olives at night - it kills millions of songbirds

In large agricultural regions, olive groves are the only wooded areas that provide shelter and recreation for hundreds of species of wild birds.

It all started in Andalusia in Spain in 2018, with a picture and a small, rather hidden report. The report was the first to link intensive olive oil production, mechanical night harvesting and songbird deaths. The numbers were shocking: in Spain alone, some 2,600,000 birds could be killed each year by night-harvesting techniques.

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Many farmers act in a mass and profit-oriented way, without realizing the extent and responsibility for the whole picture. Night harvesting is done because the cool temperatures preserve the olive flavours better. However, the super-intensive machinery used sucks up countless birds, many of which use the trees as a resting place on their migratory journey between Europe and North Africa.

Our family farm at Ölich relies on organic hand harvesting because we care about conventional olive farming and want to raise a voice for environmental friendliness. Because in our opinion, quality does not start with the price, but begins with the production of the products.

Consumers can make the difference by finding out where and from whom they source their olive oil. If producers can't provide solid evidence of daily hand harvesting at harvest time, question whether they are really addressing this problem and considering species conservation. Supermarket olive oils are badly affected by this problem - especially bulk harvests. After all, the death of nearly 2.5 million songbirds a year from purely industrial harvesting is an extremely ominous figure.

Our family business has relied on traditional and conventional hand harvesting since 1785. With our 8 hours interval manufacture, we guarantee a high quality, short transport routes for a smaller CO2 footprint and sustainable resources for our development.


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